MT. Fuji Tea Bags by Sorarine Inc.

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the flowers of holland’s keukenhof gardens near lisse in spring bloom. (a sort of “modern day tulip mania" — shout out to econ historians.) photos by (click pic) yves hermanpeter femtodaily overviewguilhem de cooman, rdevo58, frans sellies, edwin jones, and allard schager 

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Non dormo da 48 ore. Mi sono cibata solo di un po’ di riso scondito, rum del capitano e popcorn.
Il lavoro al bar viene incontro alle mie esigenze da sbronzona



Sprout a Pencil that grows in to a plant is a very unique and excellent concept, through which we can use the useless part of the pencil. As we know that when pencil gets down to the point where there is only an inch of pencil is left, then it is almost useless. Plant that left pencil and water it for some time, u will able to see the sprout around after a week. This happens because the left part of the pencil contains a seed capsule which is water activated. Due to water, capsules gets dissolve and seed’s start germinating. This sprout pencils available in number of varieties including vegetables, herbs, flowers and many more…”

These are so awesome and I want all of them!!  


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